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Permanent Eyebrows

 Have you ever wonder how eyebrows on television can look so perfect on celebrities in Hollywood, CA. I thought maybe they are using some magic makeup on their eyebrows. How about never seeing the makeup smear off after someone leaves the water. Sweating during workouts (how)still perfect eyebrows. I know I had never had perfect eyebrows.


"Something was going on and I wanted answers."

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Currently servicing Colorado, Las Vegas, California, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minnesota, Texas, Miami, New York, Arizona, Ohio.

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I had a bad experience with a Microblading procedure preform 2017.  It didn't last although I love what it looks like previously. I didn't want to pay for something that didn't last. Therefore, I came in contact with IMODELU Microblading she understood what I want I am happy with the results.

Lynn, Covington, CA 

I was kind of skeptical about this procedure I heard my girlfriend talk about it. I had some insecurities about my eyebrows they never seem to grow at arch area. I decided to try it out, needless to say, the hair stroke literally looks like my hair. Please with the results!! 

Preston, Colorado Springs, CO

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup
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